Top Ten: Things Said in the Past Month

1. “I’ve always known there was more with you. You’re always more and there always is more when it comes to you. If others can’t see it, then I feel sorry for them. I know you and I’m always excited and impressed when you continually prove that you’re more.”

2. “You are so smart and you are beautiful. You take charge. You call me out on my s**”t and make me own up to it, and I respect that.”

3. “Most importantly keep being Leah. Don’t let this make you bitter and resentful. Those things aren’t becoming of who you are. There are a lot of us who silently rely on you to be you.”

4. “Just set the alarm off at Macy’s and had all the ladies hitting on me.”

5. “You are loved more than you know.”

6. “Even hurt can be beautiful.”

7. “You’re not going out in that. Not in a t-shirt.”

8. “There was never any reason to not be yourself. Who you are is so otherworldly and wonderful. And you hide it whenever you mask yourself.”

9. “The true phoenix from this fire is you.”

10. “Get in the left lane. The left lane. Now.”


I’m so grateful for the people in my life.


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