Hey, February!

Oh my word. I am such a slacker. Okay, maybe not a slacker. I’ve really just been off having fabulous adventures to use as chapters in some future book about my life and collecting obnoxiously cute things to put in my apartment (I mean is there such a thing as having TOO many ceramic animal piggy banks?!) I’m sorry I’ve neglected you, dear blog. I will try to do better. I know my avid readers (hi Abby!) have been missing my witticisms and lists. Since January got away from me so quickly, I’m pretending today (February 1st) is the new year. I’ve made two resolutions for this new year:

1. Do more interesting things, write about them, and share them with you!
2. Not let my life turn into a Taylor Swift song in any way imaginable.

I promise to do my best! Now with that being said, I’ll leave you with this glorious picture I discovered that describes me perfectly. Have a good one.  xo, L.

(photo from matchbookmag.com)


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