Tuesday Tunes.

Well hello there! I’ve recently decided that if Google had a kid sister who just happened to be human, she would be me. When I’m having actual conversations with people, I have so many stories and funny random facts pop into my head that it usually takes me an hour to finish one sentence. It’s like my brain automatically does a Google search when someone says something to me and BAM! I have five different stories to tell. However this doesn’t happen when I want to write something. I just draw a blank. So to prevent my little blog here from going two weeks without a post (sorry about that!), I am going to try to have structured/themed posts with random funny anecdotes mixed in.

So welcome to Tuesday Tunes! It’s a known fact that new music is released on Tuesdays. I’m not going to lie, sometimes I get so excited about a new album/single coming out that I wake up and immediately download whatever it is. And since I love music so much and it’s Tuesday, why not share a few songs (new and old) that I’ve been rocking out to this past week?

1. John Mayer – “Shadow Days”
Okay, I cannot stop listening to this song. I’ve loved John Mayer’s music since Room for Squares, so words cannot express how excited I am that he is releasing a new album in May. I don’t care if people think this song is about Taylor Swift or Jessica Simpson or Jennifer Aniston (love her), it’s wonderful. Go listen!

2. Needtobreathe – “Girl Named Tennessee”
I haven’t really ventured into Needtobreathe’s work more than “More Time” and this song, so I really don’t know much about the band. I just adore this song though. Its so dang catchy. I can’t help but dance whenever I hear it. (Which is slightly life-threatening when listening to it in my car).

3.  JJ Heller – “Boat Song”
I stumbled upon this gem via Facebook. I love a good love song and this one is adorable. It’s simple and to the point (just like my all time favorite song “January Wedding”). And the music video is precious. If you have five minutes or so, YouTube it. I bet you can’t watch it without smiling…and if you can, well I’ll make you cupcakes or something.

4. The Civil Wars – “To Whom It May Concern”
This lovely duo is starting to grow on me. Big time. This song is currently my favorite off of their debut album Barton Hallow, although it’s got some stiff competition in “Falling” and “Poison & Wine”. I absolutely love the way their voices compliment each other, and Joy Williams is a doll. Following her on Twitter is probably one of the best twitter decisions I’ve ever made.

5. Spencer Karges – “There is a Light”
The church I’ve been going to is really big on creativity in all shapes and sizes. They’ve recently released an EP entitled “experiments in honesty.”. All seven songs have been written and recorded by artists within the church. They showcased this particular song last Sunday during the main service. It’s been stuck in my head ever since.
The EP isn’t available on iTunes yet, but you can download it from http://crosspointe.bandcamp.com/ for free or if you want to donate, just plug in how much you want to give and it will go to fund their upcoming trips to Kenya.

Well that’s what I’ve been listening to for the past couple of days. What about you?


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