Confession: I’m a lyric girl.

My freshman year of college pretty much revolved around the show One Tree Hill. I had never heard of it until my roommate informed me that Monday’s were for “OTH”. I didn’t know what the heck she was talking about and eventually I got roped in. About this time, she started buying all the seasons on DVD. This lead to many weekends where we did absolutely nothing except lay in our tiny dorm-size beds and watch episode after episode. (When we got to the episode where fake Derrick falls out of Peyton’s window, we realized that something was wrong with the next disc in that season…it was a very panicky and emotional 3-5 days for us waiting for a new disc to come in). Not only where we watching them on DVD, but we were keeping up with the current season, watching Grey’s Anatomy, and watching Friends. (I know it sounds like we did nothing but watch tv, but we did go to class…or at least I did). Needless to say, Kara and I became best friends. She is the Monica to my Rachel, the Meredith to my Cristina, and the Peyton to my Brooke. And I have said all of that simply to say that I’m really not a “Brooke” according to this OTH quote:

You know I’ve got this theory, there are two kinds of people in the world. There are lyric people and music people. You know, the lyrics people tend to be analytical. You know, all about the meaning of the song. They’re the ones you see with the CD insert out like 5 minutes after buying it, pouring over the lyrics, interpreting the hell out of everything. Um, then there’s the music people, like Brooke. Who could care less for the lyrics as long as its just got like a good beat and you could dance to it. I don’t know, sometimes it might be easier to be a music girl and not a lyric girl. But since I’m not, let me just say this. Sometimes things find you when you need them to find you, I believe that. And for me its usually song lyrics.

I’m a lyric girl. It’s amazing what will find you when you listen.

[Edit: Kara just texted me saying she was watching the episode I was referring to. What are the odds?]

10 Things I Hate About You

Happy Sunday! I forgot how much I absolutely adore the movie, 10 Things I Hate About You. I picked it up at Target a couple of weeks ago and I’m just finding the time tonight to watch it again. In honor of the 10 things Kat hates about Patrick, I will share with you 10 things I irrationally hate for no real reason.

1. Minivans – I mean come on, people! Just because you have a child doesn’t mean you have to go out and buy the most mom-ish model out there. SUV’s have the same amount of room and you can still keep your dignity. Plus this minivan flew past me on a two lane road this afternoon and it was pouring down rain. Driving dangerously kind of cancels out the safe minivan.

2. Stick people window clings – We don’t care about your five kids and your goldfish. Let’s be real. Plus the van who sped by me had them on their windshield.

3. UNC – Chapel Hill  – Argyle on your basketball uniforms? Who does that?!

4. Women who wear tennis shoes with pantyhose – unacceptable.

5. Horror Movies.

6. Colored Christmas lights – only if they’re tacky…not if they’re fun and classy.

[Edit: My college roommate quickly emailed me after I posted this to inform me that I do hate 10 things…she just had to remind me.]

7. Chick-fil-a – I think this is because I don’t really like chicken that much and CFA was like the only place to eat non-cafeteria food when I started Campbell.

8. When people wear Uggs with shorts – no explanation needed.

9. Small children – To directly quote Kara’s email, “Small children getting in your way. Stepping on your toes. Yelling. Screaming. Bumping into you.” She is recounting a low moment when I threatened to kick a child at the zoo. We all have our moments.

10. Being away from Kara Lorraine. She needs to stop being in Boone. End of story.

Until next time!

Saturday mornings.

Laundry, One Tree Hill re-runs, reading, and endless bowls of cereal…

Welcome to my Saturday morning. This is the first one I’ve had to myself all year and I don’t know if I like it or not. The quiet is a bit unsettling, but it’ll do. Today will consist of a trip to the airport with a new friend to pick up another new friend. I love airports, but more on that later. Then at some point this weekend, I need to learn how to care for a hydrangea plant/bush. I was gifted one and I have no idea how to care for it. If you have any suggestions, let me know. Also, wish me luck that when I go to Target to buy a pot, I won’t spend a million dollars on things I don’t need.

Happy weekend, friends!

70 pounds of meat.

I learned today that I can successfully make myself as unpresentable as possible in eight minutes, and that includes my newly adopted routine of washing my make-up off. I was informed that when you put it on, you have to take it off…at least if you don’t want to have terrible skin for the rest of your life. Eight minutes, which makes me frustrated because it takes forever to get ready. Such is life.

My day consisted of wrapping 35 gifts for our 11th annual alumni & friends golf tournament and marinating 70 pounds of meat. Did you know 70 pounds of meat equals roughly 200 steaks? I didn’t either. You learn something new every day. My life is about to turn upside down and I’m going to be married to my job for the next month or so, but on the bright side I work with some pretty incredible people. The glass should always be half full, right?

Have a great evening, friends. Oh and this is the bangin’ van I got to drive around today. I guess I learned two new things today.

pretty little things.

If I could write an open letter to the year 2012, I would be tempted to tell it how much it sucks. I would tell it that I really didn’t need so much practice in saying good-bye to people. Finally, I would tell it to take back all of it’s stupid tears and heartaches. But I can’t write a letter to 2012, let’s face it, everyone would think I was weird.

So I’m taking this moment to learn how to appreciate the pretty things in life because sometimes that’s all you can do.

Like flowers in milk jar with your hometown on it and a little ceramic “night” owl that looks over you while you sleep.

And pink hydrangeas.

And cupcakes and cards from your best friend.

Keep your chins up, friends. 2012 is bound to turn around.

Sunday Favorites.

Happy April!

Just a few of my favorite things:

1. “You’ve Got Mail” – I love this movie. I mean who wouldn’t want to get a bouquet of newly sharpened pencils.

2. Reese’s cups.

3. Sunday afternoon talks at Starbucks.

4. Making new playlists for the week.

5. Country music. Especially “Boys from the South” by the Pistol Annies.


Have a beautiful week, friends!