70 pounds of meat.

I learned today that I can successfully make myself as unpresentable as possible in eight minutes, and that includes my newly adopted routine of washing my make-up off. I was informed that when you put it on, you have to take it off…at least if you don’t want to have terrible skin for the rest of your life. Eight minutes, which makes me frustrated because it takes forever to get ready. Such is life.

My day consisted of wrapping 35 gifts for our 11th annual alumni & friends golf tournament and marinating 70 pounds of meat. Did you know 70 pounds of meat equals roughly 200 steaks? I didn’t either. You learn something new every day. My life is about to turn upside down and I’m going to be married to my job for the next month or so, but on the bright side I work with some pretty incredible people. The glass should always be half full, right?

Have a great evening, friends. Oh and this is the bangin’ van I got to drive around today. I guess I learned two new things today.


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