weekends and weekbeginnings

Happy Monday friends! I hope your weekends treated you well. This weekend was a whirlwind in my little corner of the world. My sister is finally graduating with her Pharm.D. and I could not be more excited for her. We had a little Cinco de Mayo party for her on…you guessed it Cinco de Mayo!

Saturday morning started out with a quick trip to the Community Market, where I’ve been told I was on such a mission that I missed everything. Apparently they were giving out tomato plants and they had the cutest cupcakes you’ve  ever seen. I also missed the tent of strawberries they had (when that was the only reason I was going to the market to begin with!). Ahh…I guess that’s what I get for “being on a mission” as Abby called it. I’ll have to go to the Farmer’s Market in Raleigh this weekend to make up for it.

On to the party, it was cute. Complete with a “South of the Mortar” banner, mini pinatas, and fake moustaches. It was a small gathering, but fun nonetheless! I’m so thankful to have such good people in my life. Now the fun part comes in…graduation! It’s a mere four days away. I hope it goes well!

Off to go make custom painted ceramics with my dear friend, Chelsea. Until next time!


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