I love music. Spending most of my childhood being driven from ballet to soccer practice, I grew up on the classics. Everything from the Beatles and Elton John to Journey and Chicago. There was even a little Commodores thrown in there for good measure. I remember hitting my pre-teen years and not being able to go anywhere without my cd player and headphones (and cd holder that was so jam packed it wouldn’t zip all the way). And I remember the first iPod I ever had. That is probably on my “Best. Gifts. Ever.” list. Needless to say, that was a roundabout way of telling you that I love love love music.

Of course I love songs individually. The stories they tell, the pictures they paint. But I think the thing I love most about music is that it’s like a little four minute time machine. Within a few seconds, a song can take back to a place or time in your life. It can bring up good memories or open an almost healed emotional scar. I think that’s why there’s always something new going on in the music industry. It takes us back in time and/or it makes us feel something. A few examples:

When I hear Crocodile Rock by Elton John, I remember the first time I had a dance costume with more than one component. I remember being eight years old and completely stressed out because not only did I have to remember my first ever tap number, I also had to keep up with seven different pieces to the costume.

When I hear Let’s Get It Started by the Black Eyed Peas, I can almost smell the gym at Dan River High before it was remodeled and feel the kneepads around my ankles before running out onto the volleyball court.

When I hear Time to Say Goodbye by Chris Botti, I’m immediately transported back to the scene of the best kiss I’ve ever had and I can tell you exactly what I was wearing and where I was.

Last but not least, when I hear Carrie Underwood’s I Told You So, my heart almost breaks in two again over my first real break-up with a boyfriend.

It just blows my mind that there are so many songs out there, so many artists and bands, and we’re all just living our lives assigning songs to events without even thinking about it. I think that’s why I get so excited to discover new music. All the new possibilities that come with it. Memories that haven’t been made yet, moments that haven’t been etched on our hearts and minds. Endless possibilities come with hitting the download button on your iPhone or ripping the cellophane off an album bought in the store. (Do people still do that?)

What are some of your favorite time machine songs?


And if you’re in the mood for some new music, check out Maroon 5’s cover of Kiss by Prince. Happy Listening!


the woman i want to be.

I came across a quote by Diane Von Furstenberg the other day; “I didn’t really know what I wanted to do, but I knew the woman I wanted to become.”

That is my life as a 22 year old in a nutshell. I have absolutely no clue what I want to be/do. It feels like I’ve been asked this so many times in the past month that I’ve doubted everything, so stumbling across that quote was great. It made sense to me that as long as I know the type of woman I wanted to be, everything else would fall into place. That sparked the thought process of “Who do I want to be?” That’s easy, I want to be me, but I feel like we’re all just mixtures of the people in our lives. We’re a little bit of our mothers, our fathers, our grandparents. We have the same mannerisms as our siblings. We use the same language as our friends. With that in mind, I thought of all the influential women in my life. This will be a series of posts that describe all the women I want to be.

For this post, I want to be like my hairdressers. Haven’t you ever noticed women who work in the beauty industry have that extra bit of sparkle that we all wish we could pull off on a daily basis? Whether it’s colorful hair, glittery nails, or really fabulous shoes, they’re all beautiful and unique. There are two that come to mind; both from back home. And they’re probably so etched in my memory because they both come rushing to my defense saying things like “I’ll kick his ass” and “Oh, no, he didn’t!” when my mom relays the comings and goings in my life to them. They make no apologies for the lives they lead and they don’t let anyone walk all over top of them. That’s why I hope to be a little bit like them now and when I’m older. They possess the ability to tell women “Hey, you don’t need make-up or perfect hair to be beautiful…but life’s short and we should all have a little fun” and they kick some serious butt while doing it.

You’re probably not surprised these ladies make the cut. They’re fabulous and have glittery personalities, and everyone knows glitter is my favorite color.



I was cleaning up my files on my laptop and stumbled upon this gem. If you browse through my documents, you’ll discover lots of quotes and things of that nature. It’s been a lifelong habit. I love words. I love feelings. I love when words accurately describe feelings. It’s like a match made in literary heaven.

Anyway, I found this quote tonight. It’s timing was uncanny. I have been experiencing a lot of these things…envy, rejection, loss. I’ve clumsily blamed a lot of it on love, which is quite unfair. I started thinking about all of the run-ins I’ve had with emotional pain (betrayals, rejections, losing a family member). In all of those experiences, my family and true friends have extended love to me. Broken-heartedness isn’t love failing. It’s pain, rejection, fear, and sadness, but it’s not broken love. Love doesn’t break. Love never fails.

Apartment: Complete!

Good morning!

In keeping with my previous post, I finally finished decorating my apartment. (I’ve only been there 10 months…)! I’ve had a 36 X 24 inch framed world map laying against a wall for about a month now. When I asked a friend from home for advice on how to hang it, his response was “You’re cute…find someone to do it for you.”

Enter my dear friend Michael. I kind of volunteered/voluntold him that he was helping me. He came over and fixed dinner (yummy!) and then proceeded to hang my world map and the curtains my mom and I decided I just had to have. This little project just goes to show I should never be allowed to hang anything up in my house. First of all, we had to make a trip to Target to buy screwdrivers. Then I couldn’t find the screwdrivers in Target. I mean come on, one assumes a screwdriver would be in the home improvement section…not so! Then I didn’t even measure the wall that I hung the world map on. I just told him to put some nails up. Lucky for me, it was pretty well centered to not have tried at all. (I really should try a little harder). Hope you’re having a great day, folks!

(This picture makes me think either I have a slanted floor or I’m incapable of taking a picture.)


There’s this one thought that keeps haunting me: If you don’t start doing what you love, you’ll never get around to it. I probably mull it over at least three times a day, if not more. That leads to rabbit trails in my brain that ultimately ends in me feeling completely inspired and completely overwhelmed.  I have this brief period of “YES! I am young! I am capable! I can do whatever I want!” which is immediately followed by “Oh crap, I am committed to my full-time job from 7:30 a.m. – 6:00 p.m.” and “Where do I begin?” Not to mention, I have an incredibly bad habit of going to bed at 10:00 p.m. (My dad even made fun of me for it Sunday). It’s just so much harder to fight off sleep when it’s only you and your giant, comfy bed in your apartment. (I have the same fight with junk food, too.)

The moral of this post is that I need to get off my butt and start taking action. How do I do this? I honestly don’t know. As I was telling some friends over dinner last week (one of which doesn’t know me very well and thought I was being conceited), I was raised to be the best at everything. Good grades and perfect attendance were expected. Soccer practice and dance lessons were not skipped. Therefore, I tried my best to shine at everything and I never figured out what really inspired me. That led to me just picking a major in college and graduating because it was too much trouble to switch majors. Lesson learned: if it’s going to have a direct influence on your happiness, it is not too much trouble!

So now what? Where do I start? I’ve been told several times over the years that I should write a book (and I’ve had several entertaining life experiences in the past 9 or 10 months that would give me material), but would anyone want to read what I wrote? I’m not Carrie Bradshaw. I don’t know how to be charming and witty on paper. On the other hand, I have wanted to own a bakery (complete with pastel pink spiral staircase) for years and years. I even had a dear professor send me home with a business plan book he borrowed from another college’s library just so I knew what I was getting myself into. But aren’t bakeries sort of a trendy thing now? Isn’t everyone doing it? Plus I would need practice…and who is going to eat all of the practice cupcakes and pies? Not me. Then my dad told me that he thinks I should take a class in photography. Now there’s an idea! But would photography satisfy my desire to craft and design things? I don’t know. See how hard this is?! I have to constantly remind myself that “You can do anything but you can’t do everything.” It’s a humbling and challenging thought.

On the bright side of things, I already have a logo designed for whatever avenue I take. I guess that’s a start. It’s too cute for it to go to waste. I better get my butt in gear.

Have a happy Tuesday!