Apartment: Complete!

Good morning!

In keeping with my previous post, I finally finished decorating my apartment. (I’ve only been there 10 months…)! I’ve had a 36 X 24 inch framed world map laying against a wall for about a month now. When I asked a friend from home for advice on how to hang it, his response was “You’re cute…find someone to do it for you.”

Enter my dear friend Michael. I kind of volunteered/voluntold him that he was helping me. He came over and fixed dinner (yummy!) and then proceeded to hang my world map and the curtains my mom and I decided I just had to have. This little project just goes to show I should never be allowed to hang anything up in my house. First of all, we had to make a trip to Target to buy screwdrivers. Then I couldn’t find the screwdrivers in Target. I mean come on, one assumes a screwdriver would be in the home improvement section…not so! Then I didn’t even measure the wall that I hung the world map on. I just told him to put some nails up. Lucky for me, it was pretty well centered to not have tried at all. (I really should try a little harder). Hope you’re having a great day, folks!

(This picture makes me think either I have a slanted floor or I’m incapable of taking a picture.)


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