I was cleaning up my files on my laptop and stumbled upon this gem. If you browse through my documents, you’ll discover lots of quotes and things of that nature. It’s been a lifelong habit. I love words. I love feelings. I love when words accurately describe feelings. It’s like a match made in literary heaven.

Anyway, I found this quote tonight. It’s timing was uncanny. I have been experiencing a lot of these things…envy, rejection, loss. I’ve clumsily blamed a lot of it on love, which is quite unfair. I started thinking about all of the run-ins I’ve had with emotional pain (betrayals, rejections, losing a family member). In all of those experiences, my family and true friends have extended love to me. Broken-heartedness isn’t love failing. It’s pain, rejection, fear, and sadness, but it’s not broken love. Love doesn’t break. Love never fails.


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