the brave little toaster.

It all started with Pinterest. I completely blame that cruel, addicting, “You can DIY anything” website. It was Saturday morning. I woke up around 10:30 due to an extremely late night before (that’s another post in itself). After stumbling around my apartment looking for something to eat when I knew I didn’t have any breakfast foods, I had a brilliant idea. Cheese toast! Are your childhood memories filled with peeling off the brown edges of the melted Kraft singles while waiting for the toast to cool? Mine are. Mmmm…I kinda want some right now. I’m getting off topic…

Back to Pinterest. After deciding I wanted cheese toast, I remembered a pin on Pinterest where this woman had turned her toaster on its side and used it as a conventional oven to make cheese toast. So after a brief moment to mull it over, I decided I would take the easy way out and not dirty up a pan. I dug out my toaster from the back of the cabinet that it calls home, turned that baby on its side and plugged it in. At this point, I was pretty darn proud of myself. Before I knew it, I had two pieces of bread waiting to turn into cheesy goodness. In the toaster they went and I pushed the lever down. Now I’ll admit, I’m not the most focused person. I get distracted easily. With that being said, I turned my back to the toaster and started boiling water to make some tea. The next thing I knew I was smelling smoke. I rushed over to the toaster and there was my toast with the perfectly placed cheese being charred to bits. Immediately I hit the “Cancel” button, and let’s just say I didn’t think that through either. Out came the pieces of toast, flying across my kitchen, dropping blobs of gooey cheese EVERYWHERE. It was a nightmare. Cheese landed on my floor mat, on the cabinets, next to the fridge, and in the sink. The toast was literally smoking as if it had been on fire, and I was just standing there thinking, “How could this have gone wrong?”

Needless to say, I learned my lesson that washing one dirty pan is better than cleaning off greasy globs of cheese and almost burning down my apartment building. I would hate to have had to explain that one to my neighbors.

Wishing you safe cooking experiences this week!


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