Speak easy, fellas, speak easy.

Do you know what I’m talking about when I say the word speakeasy? I thought everyone knew what that was, but that is not the case. I’ve had to explain it so many times this weekend. If you don’t know what it is, here’s a quick history lesson: During Prohibition, it was illegal to sell and/or consume alcohol. But thanks to the American spirit, people began bootlegging alcohol and they would sell it at makeshift clubs called speakeasies. The premise of the speakeasy was to be a secret place that only a few knew about, the menu of drinks was written on a chalkboard so it could be easily erased if busted, and you usually had to have a password to enter. With that being said, my hometown’s historic society threw a speakeasy party as a fundraiser and one of my very best friends wanted to go. So off we went!

(Maybe I can convince him to dress like this to go see The Great Gatsby in December!)

This was no ordinary party. It was a costume party, which just so happens to be my favorite kind of party. I’m beginning to think I love anything with a theme. Being that speakeasies were around in the Roaring 1920’s, I had to dress as a flapper. Let me take this moment to say how awesome my mom and Meme are. The minute I told them about this party, I could tell the gears were turning in their minds. It’s thanks to them that my costume was so put together. Meme somehow managed to find a one-shouldered, gold/champagne colored sequined dress at Macy’s for $11. My mom found a gold mesh clutch for $10 that had been $45 with a broken chain. She quickly repaired that and it was the perfect size for my lipstick, ID, and iPhone. Next came the shoes. How exactly do you find low-heeled, mary-jane, gold shoes? The answer to that is you don’t. So mom did what all dance moms do, she found an old pair of character shoes and spray painted those bad boys gold. If ten years of dance taught us anything, it’s if you don’t have shoes to match your costume, you paint them! Add a homemade ribbon headpiece and a hot pink feather, and you had Leah the flapper. Christopher was quite dapper as well in his suit, suspenders, and perfectly coiffed hair.

(This is my “Sure they had Kate Spade clad iPhones in the ’20s, Dad” look)

It was held in the basement of a building in the downtown area and you had to knock three times on the door to be let in. Upon entering, the bar was to the left and that was definitely the most popular spot in the joint. They were serving old-fashioned drinks like Mint Juleps, Between the Sheets, and Sidecars. We grabbed a drink and got to mingling with the crowd. My greatest fear was that we were going to be the youngest people there, but surprisingly enough, there were a few other youngsters. Thankfully Christopher is a social butterfly and knows everyone. We quickly took to the dance floor and learned the Charleston. Now I’m not really sure what happened to the band after that because they started playing Mustang Sally and from there the night turned into a blur of singing, dancing, and lots of laughing. It was a great night and from what I hear, we’re all going to Museum Meets Margaritaville in August. Something tells me we’ll all be looking for our lost shaker of salt by the end of that event…

Have a great week folks!


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