“And I urge you to please notice when you are happy, and exclaim or murmur or think at some point, ‘If this isn’t nice, I don’t know what is.” — Kurt Vonnegut

That moment came to me this morning at 1:30 while I was driving back from picking up a friend from the airport. I didn’t realize how much I had missed him in the three months since he moved away. Our friendship is one of those where we could talk for hours about classic rock music, books, or Alabama football. He loves that he can treat me like one of the guys and I love that he gives me insight on how to determine if a guy is worthy of dating or not. It’s one of those friendships where we can get in a heated debate over religion, but end the conversation with “I still love ya.” I didn’t realize how much meaning the simple task of picking him up at the airport would have, but in that moment when he walked through the terminal to hug me so hard that he picked me up off the ground, I felt content. I guess the middle of the night makes you aware of things you wouldn’t ordinarily have time to think about, like how important it is to surround yourself with people who see you for exactly who you are.

As I was merging back onto the highway at 1:30 a.m., with one of my most favorite songs on the radio, I had this overwhelming sense of “This is pure happiness. This is what life should be about.” When I woke up this morning after a mere four hours of sleep, I still felt content and remembered one of my favorite Kurt Vonnegut quotes, and I thought to myself, “If this isn’t nice, I don’t know what is.”

Happy Friday, folks!


flowers, flowers, everywhere.

It may come as no surprise, but I love flowers. I’m going to continue to blame this on many years of dance recitals where it was customary to receive flowers from parents, grandparents, and friends. I know what you’re thinking. “Leah, flowers are wasteful. They serve no purpose. They just die!” Well you are wrong. Hibiscus is one of the main ingredients in my favorite tea, and nothing beautiful is wasteful. Every now and then, I’ll splurge on a $15 bouquet from the grocery store or farmer’s market that I put in this gorgeous vase my mother gave me. There’s nothing like fresh flowers to make you smile a little bigger and keep your apartment a little tidier. (Just don’t forget to throw them out when they’ve died and you’re leaving for the weekend — talk about an awful smell!)

Why am I telling you all of this? So you can send me flowers of course! Just kidding. On my way to work this morning, I decided working at a flower shop would be my dream job. Making beautiful floral arrangements, delivering bouquets to smiling faces, and working in a creative environment is right up my alley. Not to mention, an endless stream of flowers in my house that the shop couldn’t use. I am absolutely convinced that I need to find a part-time job on Saturdays at a florist. Now where to start?!

There is a little flower shop in Raleigh that puts on design classes, much like those wine and design painting classes. For a fee, you can learn how to design whatever piece they’re creating that night. Well I’ve inquired when the next class will be. Now if only I knew of a local flower shop that needs a flower-loving delivery girl on Saturdays. Any takers?

girls rule, boys drool.

Currently, the female athletes on Team USA have outperformed their male counterparts in every sport except for swimming (and let’s face it, the men’s team has Michael Phelps). Out of the 88 medals the USA holds, 50 of them have been won by a female or team of females. How freakin’ awesome is that?

Then you have Debbie Downers like tennis player Ben Rothenberg, who tweeted “I’m not a fan of post-win shirts on the women’s soccer team, Nike. “Greatness has been found,” but not humility. Gross.” Umm…I’ve got news for you, Ben Rothenberg. Our soccer team is the best team in the world. I think it’s an understatement that “greatness has been found” and they sure as heck deserve to celebrate. Plus, I’m 99% sure that no one would have said a word about humility if a men’s team had won today.

Personally, I think all of these gold-medal wearing, butt kicking female athletes are setting the perfect stage for the rumored Spice Girls reunion show at the Closing Ceremonies. Girl Power!

twitter handle necklaces & other thoughts

Completely random thoughts while running tonight:

1. Could I pull off a Twitter handle necklace? Would people get it or would I be strange? How the heck does Oscar de la Renta’s PR girl pull it off so well?!

2. Why in the world are usernames on Twitter referred to as “handles”?

3. WHY did I start five different books at once?!

4. Who could I convince to help me lug a 75+ pound typewriter up my stairs?

5. I could totally be a performing artist.

6. Did I really just buy a monogram for my iPhone’s home button?

7. I’m really digging that new Mumford & Sons song.

8. Is this workout over yet?

mad about mad men.

As I’m contemplating this post, I can’t help but think two things. One, I’m almost always late to the party so to speak when it comes to trends and/or pop culture. And two, when I find something I like, I am a little obsessive over it. Enter Mad Men. I started Season 1 back in February with a wonderful friend as a way to hang out together and get up to date on a show all of our colleagues were obsessing over. After about five episodes, we weren’t really impressed and we stopped watching it. Well within the past week, I gave it another shot and now I’m hooked (oddly enough,  I did the exact same thing with Downton Abbey – hello watching season 1 in two days). How can you not like this show?! It’s brilliant (and the super handsome Jon Hamm is the main character!). It’s set in the 1960’s and the themes – holy cow- are so mind blowing. Between alcoholism, adultery, racism, and sexism, I could go on for days about this show. Lucky for you, I’ll spare you the details. If you haven’t been watching this show, you need to. The first four seasons are on Netflix. Go watch it! Then let’s discuss – preferably in fabulous outfits while drinking martinis. Now go!


Hello, Mr. Draper.

Legally Blonde….Business Brunette.

Have you seen Legally Blonde? It’s one of my favorite movies (and musicals!). I especially love the part when Elle hands her resume to Professor Callahan, and he turns to his T.A. and says, “Do you think she woke up one morning and said: I think I’ll go to law school today.?”

As luck would have it, I did the exact same thing. Okay, well not law school, but I decided three weeks ago to apply to graduate school to pursue an MBA. Grad school has always been on my radar, but I pushed it off and pushed it off. Until three weeks ago. I made the call to see if they were still accepting applications, asked for recommendations, and scheduled my GMAT appointment. Then today I got my acceptance letter! I’m a mixture of terrified and really excited. Watch out Lundy-Fetterman, I’m about to kick your butt…again! Who wants to help me pick out school supplies?

Oh, and for your enjoyment: Bend and Snap from Legally Blonde the Musical!