mad about mad men.

As I’m contemplating this post, I can’t help but think two things. One, I’m almost always late to the party so to speak when it comes to trends and/or pop culture. And two, when I find something I like, I am a little obsessive over it. Enter Mad Men. I started Season 1 back in February with a wonderful friend as a way to hang out together and get up to date on a show all of our colleagues were obsessing over. After about five episodes, we weren’t really impressed and we stopped watching it. Well within the past week, I gave it another shot and now I’m hooked (oddly enough,  I did the exact same thing with Downton Abbey – hello watching season 1 in two days). How can you not like this show?! It’s brilliant (and the super handsome Jon Hamm is the main character!). It’s set in the 1960’s and the themes – holy cow- are so mind blowing. Between alcoholism, adultery, racism, and sexism, I could go on for days about this show. Lucky for you, I’ll spare you the details. If you haven’t been watching this show, you need to. The first four seasons are on Netflix. Go watch it! Then let’s discuss – preferably in fabulous outfits while drinking martinis. Now go!


Hello, Mr. Draper.


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