girls rule, boys drool.

Currently, the female athletes on Team USA have outperformed their male counterparts in every sport except for swimming (and let’s face it, the men’s team has Michael Phelps). Out of the 88 medals the USA holds, 50 of them have been won by a female or team of females. How freakin’ awesome is that?

Then you have Debbie Downers like tennis player Ben Rothenberg, who tweeted “I’m not a fan of post-win shirts on the women’s soccer team, Nike. “Greatness has been found,” but not humility. Gross.” Umm…I’ve got news for you, Ben Rothenberg. Our soccer team is the best team in the world. I think it’s an understatement that “greatness has been found” and they sure as heck deserve to celebrate. Plus, I’m 99% sure that no one would have said a word about humility if a men’s team had won today.

Personally, I think all of these gold-medal wearing, butt kicking female athletes are setting the perfect stage for the rumored Spice Girls reunion show at the Closing Ceremonies. Girl Power!


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