Sunday Funday

Oh, this weekend spoiled me. When I made my spur of the moment decision to start grad school, I unknowingly gave up my Labor Day long weekend because of a midterm Monday night. However I have an amazing boss who let me trade Labor Day for this past Friday and who let me work from home Thursday. So I’ve been living the almost work-free life since last Thursday afternoon. What did I do with my time you ask?

Thursday afternoon – I chopped all of my hair off! No more ponytail. No more poofy, overbearing hair. Oh, and I dyed it violet. Well it’s black and professional indoors, but out in the sun…it’s violet.

Friday – My lovely Meme and I went to breakfast, I went to a funeral (more on that later), and I hung out with my awesome mother. She is truly wonderful.

Saturday – I spent the day with my Daddy and we washed and waxed my Moozda. He even let me keep it parked in the garage overnight!

Now today —

I left Virginia and enjoyed the beautiful weather by driving back to NC with my windows down. Seriously, it’s a gorgeous day here. If you aren’t spending it outside, you really need to re-evaluate your life. Now I’m going to take a nap and then go for a run. That’s what Sundays are for. Have a happy week!


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