The Hydrangea Conumdrum

Most people get stressed over bills, work, or their personal lives. No, not me. Instead I get stressed over the size of the hydrangea bush that is currently taking over my porch.

At Easter, I was gifted a hydrangea plant. I have a soft spot for hydrangeas and apparently that means that I need the actual bush – a bouquet of hydrangeas just wouldn’t suffice. (I mean seriously, who gives someone who lives in an apartment a plant/bush?!) Around May/June the hydrangea bush and I had a scary encounter – it tried to die on me, but with some TLC, I brought it back. I didn’t think it would come back to haunt me. Now it is in need of constant watering and it’s leaves are spilling over my planter. I’m pretty sure it’s bigger than one of my porch chairs.

This picture is not an accurate representation of the size of Mr. Hydrangea.

If anyone would like part of a hydrangea bush and knows how to split it properly, let me know. I’ll be over here nursing the stomach ulcer I’m getting and reading my lease to see if large plants have to pay rent.


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