ghosts and ghouls and candy corn, oh my!

Hello friends!

As promised, I got half of my homework done so now I can tell you all about my life. I’ve got my mug of hot chocolate, an old episode of SNL is on, and I’m wrapped up in my sweats. Now where to begin?!

Last night, Abby and I carved pumpkins. Now we never carved pumpkins growing up. I have to hand it to my parents…they got out of the messiest of Halloween crafts. With that being said, we didn’t really know what we were doing. I honestly don’t think that Ab wanted to carve pumpkins, but they were 2 for $10 at Harris Teeter so she kinda had to. I went with my favorite football team’s logo and she grabbed a corkscrew and just went with it.

She decided on a polka dot pumpkin, but unfortunately when you put a corkscrew to a pumpkin, the pumpkin flesh doesn’t come out as smoothly a wine cork. I also learned that an ice cream scooper is the best tool for scooping out the pumpkin guts. You can take that little fact all the way to the bank!

As you can see from this lovely little collage, my pumpkin was b-i-g. You should have seen me struggling with it out of the grocery store and up to the third floor of Abby’s apartment building. Holy moly. Runkeeper really should have a pumpkin-carrying seasonal work-out option.

They didn’t turn out too bad, and as Abby’s friend Erin said when she walked down to her car, “The pumpkins look legit from down here.” And now for a little taste of my home:

As for Halloween, my favorite guy and I are going to a haunted winery event on Saturday. I’m pretty excited about my outfit, too! You’ll have to wait and see what it is. We were going to go as Uncle Sam and Rosie the Riveter, but we’re too classy for costumes. (Actually…we just don’t have the time to put costumes together!)

I hope your last full week of October is fabulous! Two months from today I will be making my way back home from my Christmas trip to NYC. Time is flying by!




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