playing catch up.

I called it, didn’t I? I said I would lose track of my thankfulness, and surprise, surprise…I did! This week combined with our girls beach trip has just been non-stop. Hence why I will be writing a paper for my MBA class tonight instead of doing usual fun Friday night activities. Boo.

Day 5:

My father – Oh this man is my favorite. He is like the Cary Grant of fathers.  I don’t think I ever really appreciated what an awesome dad I have until I started college and started embracing my own personality (instead of the one I thought I needed to have in high school). My dad is so funny – so so so funny. Not only is he funny, he is kind and giving and he really has been an excellent role model for me. He has been serving his community and saving lives for over thirty years now and he doesn’t do it for the credit or glory. I could go on and on about my dad. He really is the greatest. I’m sure we’ll do some awkward bouncy dance at my wedding or he’ll bring the family oven mitt (inside joke) with him to make a toast.

Day 6:

My parents’ Christmas tree – I know this one is silly, but Christmas is coming up! I mean it’s already the ninth of November! In my opinion, there is no finer Christmas tree than the one my mom puts up in their living room. Mom (like my grandmother, sister and myself) is big on themes. When my room was red with black and white photos, the tree in my room was decorated with red and shoes/purses/makeup ornaments. When Abby’s room was yellow and blue, her tree was decorated in blue and white snowmen. So on and so forth. But the one exception is the living room tree. It is packed bough to bough with ornaments from far-off places, ornaments with our names on them, ornaments that we’ve made, and ornaments that are older than I am. I swear it’s going to fall through the floor one of these years from the weight of everything that’s on it.

(You can’t see it all from this picture obviously, but you get the picture…oh and that’s Dad’s Star Trek tree behind Abby…love that one too!)

Day 7:

My apartment – I whine about my apartment at least five times a month. It’s a bad habit of mine. I whine about it being too far away from work, too close to Durham, too expensive, and too lonely. But when it comes down to it, I am so thankful to be able to afford to put a roof over my head in a safe neighborhood with friendly neighbors. Plus it’s pretty darn cute.

Day 8:

My Meme – I think by now you realize I love my family. My grandmother takes the cake. I’ve posted previously about her here so please check that out. She really is an incredible woman. She keeps me in line, too! But after putting up with my mischievous Papa, she’s had a lot of practice with keeping people in line.

Day 9:

My coworker Pam – I try not to bring my work life into my blog for professional reasons, but Pam is a fighter. She has become a mentor for me in my time at work and I will always be grateful for her kindness and guidance. On top of that, she’s been kicking cancer’s butt all year without complaining. Yesterday I was honored to be referred to as “mini Pam”. The woman is a miracle.

All caught up for now, but I know I’ll get behind again. Thanks for being patient!


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