Ode to a pizza

Y’all…I love food. I’m not joking or being ironic – I seriously love food. I spent years four through twenty-one being a little punk who was picky about everything. My food couldn’t touch. My crust had to be cut off. And you didn’t even think twice about ruining a peanut butter sandwich with jelly when it came to me. Yes – I was the kid who kicked jelly out of the PB&J club. Actually I still am that kid. Jelly is the worst thing ever.

Back to the topic at hand: Aunt Millie’s Cheeseburger Pizza.  Now I don’t have an Aunt Millie, nor did I mistype when I said “Cheeseburger Pizza”. It is literally a cheeseburger in pizza form. If you’re ever in Milton, North Carolina – go to Aunt Millie’s and order one. I guarantee you’ll seriously consider marrying a pizza by the end of the meal.

pizza 1

(Yes those are pickles on the top of it – don’t question it.)photo 3

My mouth is watering. Off to find some more amazing food to promise to love and cherish until I finish eating it!


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