Favorite Christmas memories…

Christmas time’s a comin’
Christmas time’s a comin’
Christmas time’s a comin’
And I know I’m goin’ home

If you didn’t sing that to yourself, then you, my friend, did not have the privilege of growing up in the South. I don’t think I can remember a Christmas when that song wasn’t sung by somebody. When I was younger, they always sang it at my dad’s business’s Christmas party. Then I remember my wonderful Papa always singing it on Christmas Eve. More recently, Abby decided to tackle the project. I have a video of it, but I won’t torture the Internet world with it.

I just thought I would share some of my favorite Christmas memories to get in the spirit of Christmas. This year will be a little different without my Papa around to say “Y’all do too much” after ripping into his presents like a 5 year-old, and it will be a little sad since it’s the last Christmas with my sister in the same house on Christmas Eve (happy engagement, Abs!).

My favorite Christmas gift:

If you asked what my most favorite Christmas present has been…I would have to narrow it down to three. The first one being my very first iPod. Oh man, I thought I was so cool. It remember the ultra hip, completely square box it was packaged in. Looking back, that thing was a brick but it was amazing. I don’t even think I knew what an iPod was before I opened it, but I haven’t been without my earbuds since (and that was like 2002). The second best present ever is a polka-dotted pair of soccer cleats. I know, I know…who gets excited about soccer cleats?! Apparently, I do. They were black with multi-colored dots all over them. I was so surprised. My mom had my coach lie to me about not being able to wear them, and when I opened them my first words were “But coach said I couldn’t wear them!” At the time, no one but my family appreciated the Leah-flair that I have/had going for me, but by senior year everyone commented on my sparkly head band and my cleats. Referees are still asking my dad how his daughter who had polka dotted soccer cleats is doing. Last but not least, my third favorite gift was from my grandma and it was a beautiful purple cocktail dress from this swanky boutique in my hometown. When Meme asked what I wanted for Christmas, I told her something magical. And magical it was.

Most traumatic gift ever:

A singing bear. Not just any singing bear…a singing bear who’s lips moved! I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t still slightly terrified by this gift. My Meme gave it to me (though she swears she doesn’t remember it) because it sang “I Hope You Dance”…yeah, I’m pretty sure it secretly sang “I’m going to murder you in your sleep!” It’s still hanging out in my closet at home…just waiting for the perfect moment.

Favorite tradition:

Growing up has been stupid…especially at Christmas. I mean all my life, I’ve had two weeks to a month off from school. Now I get to work right up until Christmas Eve. However, my favorite tradition always happens on Christmas Eve so “the man” can’t take that away from me! For Christmas Eve, my family and I always go to the candle light service at our church and then we grill steaks at my parents’ house. After dinner, we usually play cards and talk about where Santa might be. Yes, we’re 22 and 25 and we still talk about Santa. If you don’t believe in Santa, you get underwear.

I hope you have an incredibly cheerful and memorable Christmas!


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