How I Know I Will Fail at One or More Resolutions in 2013

I don’t make new year resolutions. I don’t because I know without a doubt I will break them. However, I decided 2013 is going to be the Year of the Resolution! My resolutions are:

Eat healthier
Exercise frequently and purposefully (no wimpy little mile-long walks anymore)
Say yes to new things
Give up people pleasing
Read 75 books

I can already tell you I will fail at number 1. How do I know this? Am I a fortune teller? Can I predict the future? Well I am wearing a fierce, sparkly cardigan today that could cause people to think I was those things. But the real reason I know I’m going to fail is because I’m fantasizing about Papa John’s pizza. My sister and I used to live together (no, not when we were forced to by our parents – our last year of college), and we had a Sunday night tradition. We would order a large Papa John’s pepperoni pizza and an order of Garlic Parmesan Breadsticks and watch Grey’s Anatomy or Army Wives. Which usually resulted in Abby sobbing uncontrollably. I even had a bad habit of ordering breadsticks when I had a bad day when I lived with Kara. It was so bad that she would come in the door and ask what was wrong as soon as she saw the greasy, buttery box.

Anyway since we both are away from our significant others, Abby and I are spending New Year’s Eve together and in her words, “We can order Papa John’s and start our new healthy diets tomorrow.” So that’s what we’re doing…and I’m currently fantasizing about what toppings I can put on my pizza. I might even have the Papa John’s menu open in a tab on my browser. Don’t judge me.



Told you I look like a fortune teller today.


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