Hydrangea Conundrum Part 2

Remember when I was nursing a stomach ulcer over the size of the hydrangea plant on my balcony? Well he’s continuing to give me grief. In November, I decided it would probably be a good idea to bring the stupid thing inside so it wouldn’t freeze. So since the first weekend of November, it’s been adjusting to it’s winter vacation spot, also known as a pink beach towel in my spare bedroom. I didn’t think anything else of him except to water him from time to time.

Then the weekend before Thanksgiving happened. I found a frog in my apartment! A FROG! Now, at first I really flipped out and then I took a closer look at it. Apparently the frog had been living in the hydrangea plant and was trying to escape. Therefore it hopped out of the plant and onto the carpet where it proceed to dry out and die. I wish I was joking. Thankfully, my sister’s now-fiance was on his way to my apartment to hang my Christmas lights. He got the fun task of disposing of Mr. Crunchy Frog.

I wish that was the end of this story. However…I forgot to water the plant for 3 weeks. Whoops. So this is what he looks like now:


I thought at first he was a complete goner, but he just needed a good trim and some water — that’s what the wine bottle is for. He’s not an alcoholic. It’s just my makeshift AquaGlobe. You might want to say a little prayer for this guy. Hopefully he makes it to the Spring.



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