Folk Authentic Week 3

This is a continuation of a writing challenge from Folk Lifestyle. The second post can be found here.

At what point in your life have you experienced a successful failure? What are some things you have done but previously thought you could never do?

A successful failure – I love that description. My whole life I’ve constantly viewed failure as something to be ashamed of. I have considered so many things failures in my life; a poor quiz grade, a missed goal on the soccer field, forgetting my lines in my high school play. Now that I’m older, those failures have more meaning: a broken relationship, a missed job opportunity, even a bad haircut (those are the worst!). Somehow I’ve never managed to view those failures as being successful in any way, shape, or form. Now taking the time to think about it, every failure has made me who I am. Every shut door has made me think creatively about what I want and why I want it. Every disappointment in a relationship has taught me how to fight hard for the other person or fight even harder for myself. And I’m sure every bad haircut is slowly preparing me for the day I find the haircut for my face, shape, and body!

Some things I have done but previously thought I could never do:

  1. Live by myself
  2. Take (and pass) the GMAT with little preparation
  3. Make an A in graduate school
  4. Go through airport security by myself (it’s the small battles I’m most proud of!)
  5. Navigate one of the largest cities in the world by myself (did this twice! Bam!)

These are all relatively small accomplishments, but a girl’s gotta start somewhere.


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