Twizzle On

It’s not uncommon for me to perform in the car on my commute to work; however for the past three weeks I’ve been nursing a sinus infection that decided to drain to my ear. Gross, I know. This drainage has prevented me from hearing out of my left ear — seriously, I have resorted to saying “Huh?” and making sure I walk with people on my right so I can hear what they’re saying. Without being able to hear, I don’t really enjoy singing (or talking for that matter). It feels like my voice is trapped in my head and I’m either screaming without realizing it or talking too softly.

Anyway, this morning I had about 20% hearing rather than the usual 5-10% I’ve been struggling with. Talk about a small victory! I got so excited that I decided to blare my music and sing for the first time in weeks. It was all well and good until I decided I wanted a Twizzler. I guess I have Aldi to thank for tempting me with the king-size package of Twizzlers that is currently hanging out in my work bag. Picture this: driving down the road, singing Turning Tables into my strawberry Twizzler mic when all of a sudden I have to sneeze (thanks drainage!). I tried and tried to fight it off, but I couldn’t — and that resulted in little chunks of Twizzler coming out of my nose.

This is how I know God has a sense of humor and how I’m not quite well enough for my commute concerts.


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