Georgia on my mind…

When it snows in North Carolina, the best thing to do is head South. That’s exactly what I did this past weekend. With predictions of “ice pellets” and high temps in the 20s, I packed my things and headed to Athens to see my dear friend Gwendolyn. She recently moved to the home of UGA this past summer for a job opportunity, and I love to  take advantage of any opportunity to get away. It was the perfect weekend.


Friday night, Gwen and I headed to a sushi restaurant and ordered wonderful food. I even tried a tempura banana roll. Honestly, it felt like the banana was trying to have a party in my mouth but the sushi rice was making it sit back down and behave. It was interesting, but good nonetheless. After heading back to her apartment, I proceeded to put on sweatpants in record time. The phrase “I feel like a sushi-filled blob.” was uttered more than once. Friday night was the perfect example of why Gwen and I are friends. We didn’t feel the need to go out or try too hard to have fun. We just put in Pitch Perfect (which is aca-awesome!) and laughed at each other.


Saturday, we met up with another wonderful friend from Virginia, Deborah. We ventured to this weird little zoo thing that was tucked away in the back of a community. We saw bears, beavers, some sort of Asian chicken thing, and bald eagles. We also came across to crocodiles but we weren’t quite sure if they were alive or not.


After spending the morning with the critters, we headed to The Varsity for lunch (and milkshakes!). It was recommended to me by my boss’s boss. The flagship restaurant is in downtown Atlanta, but lucky for us there was one in downtown Athens, too! Now I’ve always heard things are slow in the South, but I didn’t quite believe it. Now I do. I think we waited 20 minutes to get to the counter to order and none of the attendants seemed to worried or rushed. It was an interesting experience, but the milkshake was well worth the wait!


After wandering around downtown and browsing in some seriously cute stores, we walked through UGA’s campus. Tradition states that no undergrad student can pass under the famous arches until he/she receives a diploma — good thing we aren’t in school there because we blew that tradition out of the water. It was kind of cool though to see the steps beside the arches worn down by loyal undergrad students over the years.

Saturday night, we cracked open a bottle of wine and made mini pizzas (lunchable style) and laughed some more. It was a great way to relax and enjoy some down time during this crazy, hectic work and school season.

Now I’m off to take my first midterm of 2013. Happy Monday, friends!


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