Folk Lifestyle Writing Challenge Week 6

So I’m a terrible blogger and I missed last week’s writing prompt. Maybe I will make it up if I find the time. Until then, here’s this week’s!

What family memento do you cherish? Why?

My Meme has gorgeous wedding rings. The band is made up of two rings that have been soldered together and the engagement ring drops into the band to create a three ring effect. Around the diamond are four sapphires in triangles. It’s elegant, it’s timeless, and it’s a beauty. However it’s not the memento that I cherish. My sister boldly staked claim on this ring years ago, and her and my mother battle it out quite frequently. So where do I come into play and what’s my memento? One Sunday morning, I was sitting in church and Meme was wearing this pretty silver ring with a pearl in it on her pinky. I looked over to her and whispered, “Meme, I know Abby claimed your wedding bands, can I have that one?” (Yes, we’re morbid and claim jewelry prematurely…it’s what we do). She laughed at me and said it was just a measly piece of costume jewelry. Then she took it off and handed to me. To this day, I wear it almost regularly (at least when I don’t wear gold) and I always get compliments on it. However, the fact that it’s costume jewelry can be our little secret.


One thought on “Folk Lifestyle Writing Challenge Week 6

  1. Celicia says:

    We “dibs” things a little prematurely in our family as well. I think it’s an easy way to start the conversation “Once your gone I will cherish this momento of yours because I cherish you.” Great Post! Love Folk magazine’s writing prompt this week!

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