The “L” is Silent

This past weekend I went home for my birthday weekend to see my parents and Meme (like I do every year). Saturday night I decided I wanted to cook dinner for the family and quickly polled everyone on what they wanted to eat. We decided on salmon, brown rice and green beans. This is where the epic battle of Leah v. southern roots started. I have such a bad habit of using “country” terminology. I never noticed it until my roommate and suitemates pointed it out in college. I used to say things like “buggy” and “rack” (for a shopping cart and clothes hanger, respectively). And I also used to pronounce “salmon” with the L. In an effort to sound more grown up and more cultured, I made sure everyone who attended dinner pronounced it correctly. Thinking I had won the battle, I was discussing my cooking skills at dinner with a group of friends last night and said I cooked “saLmon and rice”. Fail.


I laid out the salmon fillets in a baking dish and marinated each fillet with 1 tbsp of soy sauce and 1 tsp of brown sugar. I baked it on 350 for 20 minutes then turned the broiler on for about 5 minutes. It came out flaky and fully cooked. The rice was just your typical boil-in-bag brown rice and the green beans were steamed in the microwave for ten minutes.

Have a great week, friends!


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