Can I get an upgrade?

Dearest iPhone 4,

We’ve had a good run. You catapulted me into the world of trendy, cool Apple users and provided me the ability to check my Twitter and Facebook when faced with the opportunity to interact with strangers. You put up with me while I tortured you with numerous costume changes (I mean, you remember the glorious taxicab yellow Kate Spade cover, don’t you?!). You allowed me to send “I miss you” text messages to the wrong people without judgment, and you feverishly held on to your last percentage of battery while I talked to my mom from California, Georgia, Nevada and New York.

You took hundreds of pictures of my hipster meal choices and awesome shoes for me to annoy my Instagram followers with. You gave me voicemail messages from best friends and FaceTime calls where I spent more time worrying about the angle of the camera on my face than looking at the other person. You served as a nightlight and alarm clock without complaint and you didn’t take it personally when I whined when your screen was too bright. And even though your home button hasn’t worked for the past eight months, you have never asked for a day off or disability.

You’re a trooper, little iPhone 4, and I’m so glad we’ve spent the past 19 months together. I’m going to miss you, but you’re older brother is too suave to resist.




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