The Fault in Our Stars = Making Leah Sob Like a Baby

Disclaimer: I ruin any and all endings to books, movies, and tv shows because I cannot for the life of me keep things to myself. This has happened most recently with Downton Abbey which I will not discuss because I ruined season 3 for two co-workers and one of their daughters. This is my life, and this is the risk you take by being my friend. Proceed with caution.

On my list of 23 things and resolutions, I mentioned how I was going to embark on reading a million books. Okay, not really, just a hundred but I’m a sucker for hyperbole. I said I was going to read 75 as my 2012 resolution and 100 while I’m 23. Yeah – those are lofty goals and my goodreads account quietly reminds me every day that I’m 7 books behind schedule. Whatever, goodreads, I’ve got a life to live, YOLO. 

“You are so busy being you that you have no idea how utterly unprecedented you are.” -John Green, TFiOS

As we all know, the only way out is through, so I’ve been picking up the slack on my reading list. Most recently (and by “most recently” I mean last night), I finished John Green’s “The Fault in Our Stars” and I must say I couldn’t put it down. That pains me to say because I so badly want to be a book snob and make everyone believe I don’t indulge in young adult fiction, but the truth of the matter is I loved that book. I thought it would be one of those easy to put down and pick back up books that I could knock out in a week or so at bedtime. How wrong was I! I started it Monday night (after a four hour lecture) and finished it last night. The writing was brilliant and the characters were so likable. I mean I laughed out loud at this book, I cried with this book, I almost threw it off my balcony. Seriously, you could have filmed my life for the past three days and made a top grossing rom-com out of it. It will definitely be one of those books I re-read (just not within the next year because it won’t count!).

So that puts be at having 7 books down for my 75 count and 3 down for my 100 count. Slow and steady wins the race, guys. I mean the tortoise beats the hare every time.

If you have any book suggestions, throw them out there. I think it’s taking me more time to find books I want to read than it takes me to read them.


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