23 – update!

Hi there. Hello. I think we’ve met before?

I’m the world’s worst blog owner. I have just discarded you and kept on keeping on in everyday life. Please forgive me even though I know you’re tired of my meaningless apologies by now. Since I last left you, I have traveled home twice, flew to Atlanta, baked the most perfect caramel cake known to man, and tackled four books on my reading list. Nothing extremely exciting is going on in my life right now (I have a midterm tonight – that’s as exciting as it gets, folks), so I’ll update you on the Year of 23 things:

-I’m currently on book 8 of 100 for the year 23 (and book 10 for the 75 I am attempting for 2013).

-I have baked approximately one cake for my grandmother’s birthday. I have a birthday party I’m going to Thursday which I’m supposed to bring something sweet, too. That counts as number two. Any suggestions?

-I’m on week 5 of the 52 week money challenge. (Hello $15 added to my savings account!)

-I have recycled almost every can/bottle that has come through my hands.

-I’m on book 4 of the Harry Potter series.
So I’m making a small dent into it slowly but surely. I’m sure my momentum will increase once Spring finally shows up. Happy Monday!


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