Taste of my own medicine

I decided to check out my most loved blogs this afternoon as a pick-me-up/stress break only to find that none of them have been updated in a week. Now I know how my readers must feel. Sorry about that.

New and exciting things in my life:

  • Spring has finally sprung! I spent the entire weekend outside – on my porch reading, going for afternoon walks, and exercising! It was fantastic.
  • I’m moving! I got approval to break my current lease and move closer to work in June. I am so excited! My poor little Pinterest board for my new place is hating me already. You can check it out here.
  • My work’s annual golf tournament is Friday! We are feeling the pressure of getting everything ready. Seriously, I think  I had three conversations today just about marinating steaks for the lunch we’re providing that day. Crazy!
  • I’m downsizing! Due to the move, I’m clearing out lots of things from my house so if you know of anyone who wears XS/0 or who might need my spare blender and stand mixer, let me know.

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