Paint with all the colors of the camel

In the spirit of marking things off my 23 list (hello fried rice!), I recently took a painting class (#16)! Okay, well it was really a wine & design event, but it totally counts. The painting was of my alma mater/workplace/place I spend ALL of my time. More specifically, it was of the most ridiculous thing you could spend $2 million dollars on – a bronze camel statue. It was donated and installed my senior year of college and holy cow that thing is obnoxious. You think I’m kidding – but one day I was walking out of the gym only to look up and see camel balls. Yes, ladies and gents, our $2 mil camel is anatomically correct.


Anyway, there were 11 of us taking this class and our instructor promised it wouldn’t take more than 2 hours to knock it out. Yeah – try 4 hours, buddy. That’s what happens when you mix science nerds, OCD types, and wine. Irregardless, it was a great night of meeting new people, catching up with an old friend, and learning that “follow the directions” painting is not for me.


I’ve recently dubbed my camel painting the Camel Van Gogh as he is missing his ear. I’m sorry but the instructor did not tell me how to draw ears. He is safely hanging out in my office and is currently basking in the glory of “Where’d you get that?!” and “Can you paint me one?!”



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