Friday Finds/Faves

If you’ve been reading this for any amount of time, you know that I’m a bit squirrelly when it comes to my blog. Squirrelly is a word my colleagues and I use for when we’re being a bit ADHD and can’t stay on task to save our lives (we get distracted by shiny things – we can’t help it!). It happens more often than it should which shouldn’t come as a surprise considering I’ll post every day for a week on here and then jump ship for a month. Anyway, in an effort to maintain a routine I’m going to start posting awesome things I find throughout the week or things I just absolutely love on Fridays. Working a desk job and living alone, I have a lot of screen time and I usually find some awesome things that I either 1.) impulse buy (regretfully) or 2.) talk about until everyone I know and love knows everything about it. I’m passionate, what can I say?

1. What I’m Reading (or rather what I’m waiting to come in the mail from Amazon): How to Make Friends and Influence People
Who am I kidding? Anyone who knows me knows that I’ve got one of the seven Harry Potter books in my bag at all times. I’m almost done with the series!

2. LevoLeague – A social community site for young professional women. It features articles, “Office Hours” with well-known business leaders, etc.

3. This happy little song by Imagine Dragons.

4. Hilariously polite warning signs – my favorite is #10

5. This workout motivation.

6. This accurate representation of my life.

7. This perfectly timed text:

Photo May 03, 10 14 28 AM

Have a fantastic weekend! I’m off to Virginia for the weekend!


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