Can you hear me now?

I’ve had what some would call a sinus infection since January. I’m not calling it that because the only symptom I have had is a clogged ear. No sinus headaches, no pressure…just a left ear that will not drain to save my life. Gross, right? It started at the beginning of January. I noticed it when I was in the shower one morning and couldn’t hear the radio, so I tried singing along once I turned the shower off and my voice sounded like it was all trapped inside my head. Five months, two doctor’s visits, and three medicines later, it’s finally clearing up. At first I thought it was an ear infection, but the doctor told me it was allergies. (Really?!) Then my throat started hurting along with it and I panicked and thought I was dying…another doctor put me on a z-pack. That was really lovely because I hadn’t been on an antibiotic in years and my body wanted to welcome it by making me feel nauseous every five minutes. Here we are two months after that, and it finally is getting better. I have never been so grateful to have my ears pop before in my life. I would also like to add that I flew to Georgia with this little pressure-in-my-ear problem and it still didn’t pop! Talk about some seriously impacted snot.

Let’s take a moment to appreciate what the left ear does. I have spent the past five months making sure I’m walking on the left side of people so I can hear their conversations. I had to offer to drive EVERYWHERE just so my companion could talk into my good ear. I had to stop performing on my morning commute because my voice would just swim around in my head and torture me. I had to give up any hope of actually hearing all the parts of a song through my headphones – seriously, I could take out the right earbud and hear absolutely nothing out of the left one. I thought I was going deaf.

Anyway, it has now resorted to popping almost every day and clearing up however I’m still not used to hearing well. For instance, I thought my apartment was crashing down around me the other day but I was just washing dishes with 100% hearing. Here’s to finally being able to put my phone up to my left ear while I drive!


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