Internet Cats & Sunday Naps

My love for internet cats is increasing at an alarming rate. Last week, my sister sent me a video entitled “Kitten vs. Lizards” and then the next day her fiance informed me of the latest and greatest internet cat sensation, Princess Monster Truck. Seriously, how can you resist her cute self?!

However, nothing compares to this one:


I don’t know who she is but she is my spirit animal. I mean just look at that tiara!

Now that you know that I’m borderline cat-obsessed, I can tell you all about my weekend. My mom and I packed up my apartment (moving date is less than two weeks away – I cannot wait!) on Saturday. Oh my goodness, I need to stop buying things covered in glitter. I also need to stop buying shoes. Oh well, that’s why I’m paying movers so I don’t have to hear my dad fuss about how much stuff I have. You only live once, right?

Then Sunday was spent recovering. I was supposed to work an alumni event we were sponsoring, but (thankfully) it was rained out. I got to enjoy a nice little nap and an hour in the gym (by myself!) instead. It was glorious. Last night, I studied for a bit since my Economics midterm is tonight and then I made a “sleep inducer” smoothie that I, sadly, didn’t take a picture of. It was a mix of bananas, fresh cherries, sesame seeds, peanut butter and skim milk. Apparently, cherries are full of melatonin which helps you sleep. Overall, it wasn’t bad. It wasn’t my favorite, but it needs a few tweaks here and there.

Then I settled in for Mad Men. I only know of two other people who watch Mad Men so I’ll spare you my thoughts. I will leave you with this gem:

GIF found here.


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