Camels, copper, and chipotle

First off, I would like to commend myself for remembering to do this. Look at me forming a new habit! Now that I’ve said that, I’ll ultimately forget to do it next week but I can blame it on being too busy with moving then. Things that I had me excited this week:

1. This lovely copper bracelet made by Tristan Prettyman, the singer/songwriter. It says “Maybe the best hasn’t happened yet”, which is a lyric from one of her most recent songs, “Never Say Never”.


2. Surprise visits at work from Sarah! She stopped by yesterday after taking her MCAT and we caught up for two hours over Chipotle. Best night ever.

3. This NY Times article about Julia Child hating cilantro and arugula. I absolutely despise cilantro. I think it’s gross. However during my first Chipotle experience last night, Sarah informed me that hating cilantro is in my genes. Apparently there’s a small percentage of people in the world who think it tastes like soap and I’m one of them!

4.  I got creative this week and tested out my skills in photoshop. Hello new Facebook banner!Facebook Banner

5. This sparkly kitchen is to die for! I want it. Whether it’s in my future bakery or my future house, it’s happening one way or the other.

6. ohmygosh! This amazing new Geico commercial.
You know I’m happy when there’s a camel involved:

Happy Friday, y’all!


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