tuesdays on twitter

I may or may not have spent the past twenty minutes scouring my Twitter feed for a good quote and laughing at how funny I am. Seriously, I might be the only person who thinks I’m funny but those hashtags I come up with — they’re good stuff. (Insert awkward penguin meme here).

Why am I looking for a quote? I’m glad you asked. As you may know, I’m moving Saturday and with a brunette-in-pearls move comes an overwhelming urge to re-do everything in my apartment. I’m trying not to go overboard. I mean I said no to a new comforter, that’s progress right?! Anyway, I had this great idea that includes a frame, glitter paper, and an Xacto knife. All of which I already have! Now I just need a quote. Yeah…this might take a while. Cheers!



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