first friday of summer!

We made it! Memorial Day has been celebrated, white shorts have been dug out of storage, and strawberry wine has been purchased and stored in the fridge. Summertime is finally upon us! Today I’m signing my lease and picking up the keys to my new digs. Even though this isn’t my first “big girl” apartment, it is the first place I’ve found completely on my own. I couldn’t be more excited!

Now let’s get to the good stuff. The things that have made my week this week:

1. This song by AWOLNATION – I heard the first lines of it as I was getting out of my car Wednesday morning. It must have been a fate thing because I never listen to the radio, but that moment I had unplugged my phone and hit a preset button because the static was bothering me.

2. The 25 most iconic hand dances from the Backstreet Boys’ “I Want It That Way”. I must admit – I was an N’SYNC fan all the way, but this made me laugh.

3. My latest bloom:



4. My new favorite way to eat an egg – hard-boiled but over easy. Lord knows I love me some fried eggs over easy, but hard boiling them prevents any unappetizing under cooked egg whites!


Happy, happy weekend friends! If you need something to do, I’m sure my movers wouldn’t mind a helping hand tomorrow.


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