Monday after the move!

Since my lunch was overwhelmingly disappointing (wet lettuce and soggy croutons will do that to you), I’ll spend the rest of my lunch break telling you about my move. I’ll give you a sneak peak into my new abode!

Photo Jun 01, 8 57 41 PM


My wonderful parents showed up to help me dismantle a few pieces of furniture that weren’t lucky enough to make the move to the new apartment. After tearing some things apart, we started off on an adventure – seeing my new apartment for the first time! I was so excited! With two employees of the property and my parents in tow, I opened the door to my brand new place. I’ll admit, I hesitated. I doubted my decision for a split second. What if my furniture didn’t fit? What if I made a terrible mistake? Fortunately, there was no time to fret about that.

Photo Jun 01, 10 07 15 AM


My movers got to my old apartment early, crashed the moving truck into my neighbor’s car (whoops!), and started packing the truck! According to one of the guys, I don’t have an excessive amount of things and my furniture isn’t giant-size. Apparently, I like to freak out about anything and everything. After lunch, they started unloading at the new place (complete with a redneck-i-fied door opener, i.e., a large rubber band, two doors and a Target bag). By the grace of God, my furniture fit and I actually feel like I have more living space instead of wasted space.

Photo Jun 03, 7 38 55 AM


My commute was only 20 minutes as opposed to the usual 50-55 minutes. Holla! I got up at my normal hour, ran downstairs to the gym and got 45 minutes in on the treadmill, had time to get ready and eat breakfast. I couldn’t ask for anything better!

I couldn’t have done this without my parents. I tell you, I’m one lucky girl to have a set of parents who support me in all my endeavors.


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