belated friday favorite

I know, I know. It’s Saturday. I don’t have my days mixed up, I just knew that my plans last night were worth postponing Friday Favorites so I could tell you about it. In Downtown Raleigh, they celebrate the first Friday of every month. There are art exhibitions, street performers, and almost every restaurant and bar has a special going on. Three of my dearest friends from work and I decided to go out and celebrate and have delicious food (well one was volunteering at an art exhibit so there were only three of us at dinner). We started our evening at Beasley’s Chicken + Honey. I had been to it’s sister restaurant, Chuck’s, a few months back where I was ceremoniously served champagne and the most amazing cheeseburger I have ever had in my life. Some girls want diamond rings and the man of their dreams, and some girls want amazing cheeseburgers and champagne…but I digress. We all ordered chicken and waffles with a different side to share. Now for someone who avoids fried chicken at all costs, I must admit it was amazing. I don’t know if it was the amazing waffle that the chicken was on or if it was because it was drizzled in honey. Either way, I wish I could have finished my meal. Holy cow, it was amazing. I ordered biscuits and honey for the table, there were amazing collared greens and pimento mac & cheese. I’m pretty sure I told the girls that if I were ever in prison on death row that I would choose that meal to be my last. If you’re ever in the Raleigh area, you must go!


After dinner, we found our way over to Cobblestone Hall at City Market where the Salvation Army was putting on an art exhibit entitled, “Reclaiming the Discarded”. It was fascinating to see pieces of art by local artists mixed in with frightening statistics about human trafficking. I sincerely hope they raised tons of money.


After browsing the art and retrieving our friend who was volunteering, we made our way to Calavera, a tequila and empanada¬†bar. I’ve been there several times, but being that spicy things aren’t my forte I like to stick with a margarita and watch everyone else sweat. Now if you’ll excuse me, I have pillow cases in some hot pink dye that need to be washed. Happy weekend, friends!


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