Food truckin’

First and foremost, I’ve found my new favorite blogging spot. Hello little piece of paradise:


Now back to the important things! Christopher came down to the land of the pine and accompanied me to a food truck rodeo in Downtown Raleigh. Apparently everything I wanted to do this weekend revolved around Downtown. Good thing my new apartment is only 20 minutes away. We waited 30 minutes for Mexicano from Captain Poncho’s (yum!) and I got my first locopop of the season!


I learned that you only fit in downtown if you have wayfarers or aviator sunglasses, some sort of ironic t-shirt or tank, and converse or Toms. Clearly, it’s my kinda place.


Well I’m off to enjoy this weather and read for a bit before I attempt to make quinoa for the first time. Unfortunately, my ombré dyed pillowcases did not work out. Hopefully, my quinoa will be a success! Happy Sunday!


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