Friday Favorites

Happy Friday, y’all! Today has been a whirlwind. First off, I’m car-less. The moozda is currently getting new brake pads, ball bearings, and fresh oil, so I’ve spent the day being shuffled from my mom’s car to my friend, Deb’s car back to my mom’s car. I feel like a freshman in high school all over again. Another tiny annoyance was having to go to the dentist. I absolutely hate the dentist, but I adore my dental hygienist. She’s a gem. While sitting in the chair this morning, I was reminded of how I used to think the dentist only came in to count your teeth. Honest to God, I thought he would come it and make sure you had enough and leave. I’m starting to wonder what they meant by calling me “gifted” all of those years. Anyway, I’m off to cook dinner for my father. I’ll let you know how that goes. Here’s what’s making me smile this week:

1. Nothing says ‘Merica like this stars & stripes bikini

2. This new polish that was in my Birchbox this month!


3. This precious Camel sugar dish!

4. And last but not least,  Si Robertson everybody. 🙂



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