Flat cakes!

I thought that my porch would be my favorite thing about the new apartment, but my kitchen takes the cake! It has so much room and I don’t feel boxed in. I have space to leave Kevin the Kitchen-Aid out all of the time; and finally, every little utensil has found a home. Needless to say, I jump at any opportunity to spend time in there.

Sunday night I had to whip up a cake for a work social. I picked out a recipe, pulled on my apron and got to work! I sent this to Sarah since we bought matching aprons in NYC – she told me to make sure the pages weren’t stuck together in the cookbook. I love friends who love Friends as much as I do!

Central Perk

I decided to make a devil food’s cake with oreo and cream cheese filling. I whipped up the cake batter and decided to try a trick I read about on Pinterest. It said that if you wrapped your cake pans in wet towels while in the oven, your cakes wouldn’t dome/would be perfectly flat. Being that the domed cake is my arch-nemesis, I decided to give it a shot. I cut up an old (clean!) dish rag and soaked it for a few minutes. Then I wrung the strips I had cut out and wrapped them around the two cake pans I had. I secured the towels with safety pins. From there, I put the round cake pans onto cookie sheets just to prevent the towels from sticking to the oven rack. See below for details.

Photo Jun 16, 7 13 42 PM

Thirty minutes later, I pulled out my cakes and it worked! I had two beautiful and perfect cakes. I plopped them onto a cooling rack and mixed up the cream cheese and oreo filling (14 oreos, 1 8-oz cream cheese bar, 2 cups of cool whip, and 1/2 cup sugar). I was so proud of my flat cakes that I think I snapchatted and texted everyone I knew who would care.

Photo Jun 16, 7 53 48 PM (1)

The cake got rave reviews. I’m still hearing about it today. One person referred to it as the “chocolate wonder of death” and someone else said they would have paid big time to have the same cake in a restaurant. You’ve got to celebrate life’s little successes every now and then. 🙂

Photo Jun 16, 8 11 22 PM


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