Getting dressed this morning, I decided to wear a new dress I bought from Old Navy. It’s a simple, black sleeveless dress with a collar that I ultimately bought to wear with chuck taylors. Being that it’s a Thursday and Thursdays are work days, I picked out a pair of dressy sandals and out the door I went. Fast forward to about 11:45 a.m. The phone rings and it’s someone on the phone for my boss’s boss. I quickly race out of my office to make sure he’s around. On the way back into my office, my sandals slip on the mock-wood floor and the rest was a blur. My feet flew out from under me, I’m pretty sure I was suspended in air for a nanosecond and then I came crashing down onto the floor. Thankfully, no one was in the seating area to witness my graceless fall; however, my boss did poke his head out of his office to say, “You know for such a little person, you sure do make a lot of noise when you fall.”  Just one more reason they should allow converse at the workplace.


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