Happy belated Fourth of July! I hope your holiday was filled with fireworks and cheeseburgers, just like our forefathers would have wanted it! If you’re lucky and have  today off, I hope you’re in the midst of soaking up four glorious days of doing nothing! I’m at work today, but my boss did graciously offer to let me have the day off. Unfortunately, there’s just too much to do around these parts but I do have a few minutes to let you know what I’m loving this week:

1. This livingsocial deal. I totally stole the idea from my aunt, and I snatched it up before I could talk myself out of it. It’s good for four aerial boot camp classes at Cirque de Vol studios in Raleigh. Basically it’s a cross between working out and moonlighting as an acrobat. Hopefully I don’t break anything!

2. This recipe for iced coffee from the Pioneer Woman. Hello, new addiction!

3. Fireworks!


4. The awesome textures of the Community Market. I swear I’m going to get married in there one day.


5. Last but not least, these much-needed words of wisdom found on Pinterest:


Happy weekend, everyone!


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