Ye Olde Virginia.


This past weekend I visited my wonderful sister and her soon-to-be hubs at their new house in Virginia. As sad as I was about her leaving me in North Carolina to fend for myself, I’m so excited for their new place and new town. We spent the weekend unpacking and organizing their new place, watching lots of Big Bang Theory and Friends, and driving all over Lynchburg to take care of errands. My favorite stop was this little produce stand on the side of 29 where we encountered a man who was scared to cut in front of my sister in the squash line because he didn’t know if Alan “was packing”.


I managed to get a run in on Saturday evening and I am so sad this isn’t my everyday view. If anyone tells you Virginia isn’t the prettiest state, punch first and ask questions later.

Anyway, I’m sure I will be back up there soon — I mean we’ve got a wedding to plan! Also, they’re the most adorable couple on the planet, I mean how could I resist?


Picture courtesy of StoryPhotographers!



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