I’m coming to you live from a hotel in Kansas City – killing time before I head to the airport and fly back to my beloved east coast. I don’t know why, but I miss being in the same time zone as my friends and family. You would think an hour isn’t a big deal, but it’s thrown me all off. The conference went well. I mingled (against my introvert tendencies) and learned a lot; however, I cannot wait to get back to my office and start my hardcore training for the new job.

Things I learned this week:

1. Always carry a bag with a hashtag on it to a technology conference. It will always be a conversation starter.


2. Kansas City calls this barbecue. Also, they have this delicious obsession with putting cheese on everything. The runny yellow stuff on the right is cheesy corn. Basically, yellow kernel corn in a soup of velveeta cheese. It was actually delicious, though I couldn’t help seeing the digestive irony in putting cheese and corn together.kcmo

3.  Name badges ruin every outfit. Also, never date pirates. They’re just after the booty.argh

4. “It’s not what you find, it’s what you find out.” – Barry Clifford, pirate treasure finder


5. Always do something the kid version of you would be proud of — like visiting the crayola store.


Talk to you guys when I’m east of the Mississippi. xo.



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