do the monster mash.

Have you ever come across something so stinkin’ cute that you couldn’t help buying it for someone? If not, you don’t possess the same urge to shower people in gifts that I do. It’s a curse and a blessing. Blessing: the people I think are awesome have cool stuff that I find for them. Curse: my bank account whines more often than it should.

I’ve been seeing a new guy pretty regularly. He kinda likes me and I kinda like him and everything’s hunky-dory. Anyway, he loves zombies. I mean the boy has a zombie hunting permit in his jeep (see below) and he just showed me plans for a monstrous (haha – pun intended!) decal that is going on the back of his other jeep. We all have our vices, right? He likes zombies; I like anything with glitter on it. It all evens out.

zombie hunter

Anyway, I was recently stalking etsy for cute things for my sister’s wedding and casually stumbled upon the zombie section. I mean that’s totally normal, right? Well – I found what’s probably the most adorable soap shop in all the land (err…interwebs). It sells cute, fancy homemade soaps (think Lush, but cooler). It also sells “felted soap monsters”. What’s a felted soap monster, you ask? It’s a monster pouch for a bar of soap crafted from felt. But what’s cooler than a felted soap monster? A zombie felted soap monster.

zombiebrains(photo taken from SaplingNaturals etsy store)

Now isn’t that just too cute?! I couldn’t resist buying it. Lucky for me, the boy has a birthday coming up soon. Looks like I’m going to be spending my spare time crafting a zombie survival kit. Is he lucky to have me or what?

SaplingNaturals etsy store can be found here:
I may or may not have purchased the zombie repellent bug bar, too.
Oh, and they’ve already shipped my items to me. Talk about good customer service!



Friday Favorites.

Hello –

1. The Alexander Square parking deck in Raleigh. The stairwells smell like cinnamon and it’s one block down from my favorite store and two blocks down from my favorite restaurants. Plus it’s the only parking deck I can navigate Raleigh from.

2. Chuck’s – again downtown Raleigh. Get their Big House burger. Delicious.

3. Sam’s Club – did you know you can buy bulk flowers from them?! Holy cow – my life has changed.

4. My mom & dad – they sent me these gorgeous flowers on my first day of my new job:



Happy weekend, y’all! I hope it’s full of fun adventures!


hump day.

Well, hello there. Fancy meeting you here on a Wednesday afternoon. You might not recognize me since I’ve become a Friday regular.  I started new my job on Monday and I’m still alive today. That’s making progress, right?! Anyway, my new job entails design and writing, so hopefully I will be using my blog more as a creative outlet since work will be strictly business. Now I’m off to brave a thunderstorm to get to my class. Cheers!



So apparently I’ve become one of those people who only updates on Friday. Life is slowing down a little bit….maybe…I’ll try to do better.

Favorite things this week:

1. The wedding invitations are done! They will be hitting mailboxes very soon.


2. I got my latest textbook from Chegg (in two days – I’m super impressed with them). I think they were trying to hitting on me or something…


3. My dad! His birthday was Wednesday and I’m so super excited to see him this weekend. A trip home is much needed!

august 14

4. My designs came to life this week. This fuels me more than you know!


5. Last, but not least, I am pumped for Katy Perry’s new music. I’ve been singing Roar all week:

It’s Friday!

Y’all – I know I need to apologize for NEVER updating, but the truth of the matter is I know I won’t correct my ways. Let’s just learn to live with it.

Happy Friday! The reason for my absence has a lot to do with the fact I’m juggling three jobs at the moment and wrapping up my last summer class. I’m so busy that my weekend plans are writing two articles for work, writing a ten page paper for class, and creating a guestbook for the Awkward’s wedding in October. I know you are extremely jealous.

Here’s the wrap up of my favorite things this week:

1. This needs no description – and I need to let the Starbucks I frequent know how friendly the barista was this morning.  Also, it’s common knowledge that you feel better when you do things for people (and I know it negates the whole purpose of a random act of kindness if you tell people about it, but…) and I happily bought the car behind me some caffeine. Happy Friday to them!


2. Basically any skit by The Devil on Weekend Update – SNL. I needed a pick me up yesterday and I could watch Jason Sudeikis all day, every day.

3. When friends send you cards with Lisa Frank stickers plastered all over the envelope. That’s the sign of a true friendship, people. There was even a sticker of a cat with the caption “Jasmine – if she was a Lisa Frank creation”.

4. We’re only three weeks away from college football season! Plus the likelihood of seeing my Virginia Tech-in-law the weekend of the Chickfila Bowl is extremely high. It’s going to be fun. 🙂


5. This lovely little song. I cannot stop singing it!

Have a fantastic weekend! I’ll be in the corner, writing until my fingers fall off if you need me.

Friday Favorites

Happy Friday, folks! I have two favorite things I must share with you today.

First:The Civil Wars. Yep, they’re releasing their second album next week and it is being streamed on iTunes at the moment. Check it out:

This duo’s music has gotten me through boring car rides and long nights. I’ve never heard anything so hauntingly beautiful in my life.  I haven’t actually bought an album in months (maybe years), but I do believe I will be buying a hard copy of this one. This is the first single off the album:

Second: The Bloggess. Holy cow, I’m four chapters into her book, Let’s Pretend This Never Happened, and I’ve never laughed so hard in my life. I was sitting on my balcony last night reading it and I’m pretty sure my neighbors now think I’m that weird girl who laughs by herself. Also, let’s hope I don’t get sued for this picture:

Photo Aug 01, 9 18 20 PM


the story of how i almost lost my car

I got to the airport Sunday morning with no trouble, found a parking spot and had the forethought to snap a picture of the level/row I was parked on. I knew I would be getting back late on Wednesday night and would be, more than likely, cranky from the lack of dinner and general travel nuisances. Wednesday night arrived while I was in the air and after a slightly extremely bumpy landing through a storm, I checked my phone’s photo reel to insure I would get to my car as soon as I could.

Photo Jul 28, 7 07 46 AM

Level 2, Row G – got it. I got off the plane, went to baggage claim and waited (and waited) amongst the travelers who had loved ones waiting at the airport for them (gag!). My bag was the third one out the gate, so I snatched it up and headed for the parking deck. My bed was so close I could feel it. I entered the parking deck on level 2 and walked towards Row G. I walked up Row G and noticed it was missing a red, sparkly Mazda, so I walked down the other side. Still no sign of the Moozda. “Okay – don’t panic.. You’re just overlooking it in your excitement to be in the eastern time zone,” I thought to myself as I reached into my bag to pull out my keys. I mashed the lock button twice – nothing. I pressed the panic button. Silence.

Awesome. Someone stole my car. Just picture me meandering up and down Row G with my bright orange suitcase, on the phone with my dad saying, “Well I don’t know what to tell you. Are you sure you’re on the right row?” At that moment, I looked up and realized Row G extends past the car ramps that lead up and down the levels. Cool. I just knocked off four years of my life thinking that I was stranded at the airport and was going to have to buy a car. I wonder if I’d get a discount on therapy if I made a portfolio of all of my dumb moments and self-inflicted panic attacks.