do the monster mash.

Have you ever come across something so stinkin’ cute that you couldn’t help buying it for someone? If not, you don’t possess the same urge to shower people in gifts that I do. It’s a curse and a blessing. Blessing: the people I think are awesome have cool stuff that I find for them. Curse: my bank account whines more often than it should.

I’ve been seeing a new guy pretty regularly. He kinda likes me and I kinda like him and everything’s hunky-dory. Anyway, he loves zombies. I mean the boy has a zombie hunting permit in his jeep (see below) and he just showed me plans for a monstrous (haha – pun intended!) decal that is going on the back of his other jeep. We all have our vices, right? He likes zombies; I like anything with glitter on it. It all evens out.

zombie hunter

Anyway, I was recently stalking etsy for cute things for my sister’s wedding and casually stumbled upon the zombie section. I mean that’s totally normal, right? Well – I found what’s probably the most adorable soap shop in all the land (err…interwebs). It sells cute, fancy homemade soaps (think Lush, but cooler). It also sells “felted soap monsters”. What’s a felted soap monster, you ask? It’s a monster pouch for a bar of soap crafted from felt. But what’s cooler than a felted soap monster? A zombie felted soap monster.

zombiebrains(photo taken from SaplingNaturals etsy store)

Now isn’t that just too cute?! I couldn’t resist buying it. Lucky for me, the boy has a birthday coming up soon. Looks like I’m going to be spending my spare time crafting a zombie survival kit. Is he lucky to have me or what?

SaplingNaturals etsy store can be found here:
I may or may not have purchased the zombie repellent bug bar, too.
Oh, and they’ve already shipped my items to me. Talk about good customer service!



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