Have you ever had one of those picture-perfect afternoons? One that you don’t feel restless or like you’re missing out on something else. Well I did yesterday (happy Labor Day to me!). It was one of those effortless afternoons that didn’t require a lot of planning or perfecting (maybe that’s what made it awesome, I don’t know). We went hiking at Raven Rock State Park and it was awesome – minus the sensation of early on-set asthma after climbing about 75 wooden stairs to get back to the trail.

Raven Rock 1

The trails are pretty easy and the views are incredible! It was refreshing to take in some vitamin D and fresh air. It was also pretty cool to hang out with the boy without technology interfering or worrying if my outfit was okay. Plus, he had to stop and pet every dog we encountered and I heard him say “howdy” to at least ten other hikers.  I think I’ve stumbled upon an outdoorsy type. He was rambling on about canoes and camping at one point – I tried to block it out.


That picture is going to irk my mother and sister, who up until now probably thought he was a figment of my imagination.  Boyyy, the back of your head is ridiculous.

After hiking, we stopped at Sunni Sky’s and then finally found our way to the Aviator Smokehouse where I proclaimed, “I deserve man food!” I ordered pork tacos and was definitely the winner of the Who Ordered the Best Meal competition.


Happy Tuesday-masquerading as Monday!


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